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Dispatch 24: The last day of science!

Birgit Rogalla

October 2, 2020

At the reasonable hour of 11 am this morning, the night and day shifts wrapped up the very last station of the Beaufort Sea portion of this trip together. The science is finished!
Here is our trip in numbers:

- Rosie, the rosette, travelled 254 km in vertical distance this trip

- 56 CTD casts and 42 XCTD casts

- Filled 1223 Niskin bottles

- Collected 8183 water samples (not including duplicates) with the following breakdown: dissolved oxygen (1017), dissolved inorganic carbon (641), fluorescent dissolved organic matter (514), Chlorophyll-A (320), bacteria (976), nutrients (1041), salts (1236), oxygen isotopic composition O18 (728), Barium (194), dissolved organic matter (46), DNA/RNA (274), Lignin/Phenol (25), and Iodine-129 (130)

- Installed two ice-tethered profilers and retrieved four

All in all, it was very productive and we look forward to some rest after the whirlwind collection period.

Science and crew members gather after the last cast of the Beaufort Sea program. (Ciara Congdon)
Stations sampled during the 2020 JOIS cruise.